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Physics, Mathematics Computer Science and Engineering

UMR 6085 LMRS Raphaël Salem Mathematics Laboratory
UMR 6614 CORIA Interprofessional research centre for aerothermochemistry
UMR 6634 GPM Material Physics Group
Signal Traitment and Information Systems
EA 3233 SMS
Separative Sciences and Methodologies
EA 4704 LSPC Chemical Process Safety

Chemistry, Biology and Health

UMR 6014 COBRA Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic chemistry
UMR 6270 PBS Polymers, Biopolymers, Surfaces
U 1239 DC2N Neuronal and Neuroendocrin Differentiation and Communication
EA 4312 LMSM Cold Microbiology Signals and Micro-Environment
EA 4358 GLYCOMEV Glycobiology and the Plant Extracellular Matrix

Environment, Sustainable Development, Natural and Technologic Risks

UMR 6143 M2C Continental and Coastal Morphodynamics
EA 1293 ECODIV Biodiversity Study